Vital Hematology

HealthWalk offers research quality blood analysis with the only RTM™ Technology [Richardson Technology Microscope) in public use in the world. We can observe your live blood to magnifications of nearly 30,000 times resolution with the RTM™ and our proprietary and technologically advanced dark field microscopes as compared to optical scopes which magnify to only 5,000X and can only analyze dead cells. This allows for a more accurate assessment of your health conditions and we can propose precise supplements and lifestyle changes to address numerous health issues such as allergies, stress, joint issues, respiratory and digestive and autoimmune issues, blood pressure and health conditions related to biologic [micro) organisms and more.

Some common health issues that can be analyzed by Vital Hematology include: free radical damage to blood cells, atherosclerotic plaque, bacteria, parasites, candida/yeast/fungi, undigested proteins and fats, evidence of hormonal imbalances, folic acid, B-12, iron and other deficiencies etc. Vital Hematology provides a full, holistic understanding of what is happening with the systemic processes in the body. In about 60 minutes of observation and analysis we often can provide you with insight into your health that has been elusive for years. The developers of our technology are widely considered the world”s foremost authorities in this field of inquiry and are exclusive to Healthwalk.

  • Bacteria/Candida/Yeast/Fungal/Parasite
  • Inflammation Challenges
  • Diabetes Concerns
  • Chronic Illnesses
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Joint Concenrs
  • Fatigue & Sleep Issues
  • Cancer Concerns
  • Migraines & Headaches