Nutritional Counseling with Functional Perspective

Personalized nutritional support based on scientific observations of your particular needs is what makes the Healthwalk Nutrition program exceptionally effective in supporting you towards vibrant wellness through nutrition. The Healthwalk Nutrition program is based on the leading edge technology called “Functional Endocrinology.” Functional Endocrinology is a culmination of over 25 years of research and provides for the first time, an opportunity to develop individual customized nutritional programs based on scientific evaluation of each person’s biological profile. This is done by analyzing “Blood Based Bio-Markers” derived from blood serum and then inputting the data into our proprietary software to produce a complete picture of each particular client’s metabolic processes, digestive systems, and waste elimination systems. By understanding how each organ, metabolic and biochemical process of your particular body make-up is functioning together; individual nutritional solutions are provided for you.

With over 95% of all people experiencing internal inflammation that is not easily observable through other methods and with rampant diagnosis of high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, diabetes or pre-diabetic conditions, cancer, organ dysfunction and other diseases, Functional endocrinology analysis offers the opportunity to evaluate potential root causes and to support its resolution through a workable custom diet. It is also a powerful new tool for suggesting nutritional support when concerned about learning disorders, allergies, weight loss, resolution of addictions, bio-chemical balancing, mood swings, energy levels, and most every aspect of wellness. The Healthwalk Nutrition program, utilizing functional endocrinology represents a paradigm shifting approach to diet, food, and individual support of wellness that is effective and adapted to your needs and lifestyle.

  • Weight Loss
  • High Risk Factors
  • Overall Wellness
  • Cancer Concerns
  • Energy & Vitality
  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Physical & Mental Performance
  • Immune System Enhancement