Galvanic Skin Response (G.S.R)

Applied Kinesiology [A.K.) has been practiced for more than 50 years. However, there have been many variables which prevented A.K. from being a reliable method of analysis. Galvanic Skin Response, G.S.R., removes the variables that were inherent with A.K. and provides for the first time a powerful and accurate scientific method of rapid analysis. G.S.R. measures through the conductivity of the skin, the autonomic nervous system responses to stress. A stress profile is determined by looking at responses by the body”s meridians, vertebrae, teeth, and organs. G.S.R. can also look at food, environmental, chemical, viral, bacterial, and fungal stressors.

Then with the G.S.R. we can assess and confirm the compatibility of all potential solutions prior to recommending them. G.S.R. provides the means for clearly seeing what is transpiring in your systems so that a thorough analysis of your reactions to energy, foods, supplements, toxins and more can be observed. This powerful tool gives us the opportunity to eliminate guesswork and provide clear answers to many health issues. G.S.R. provides the opportunity to move past the old, cumbersome and often inefficient methods of allergy detection, food sensitivity identification and analysis of other potential stressors, to a new method that allows for real-time observation and determination of these sensitivities that often took years to uncover prior to G.S.R .. G.S.R. also determines the proper remedies for the identified conditions.

  • Analyze Food Sensitivities
  • Analyze Chronic Health Issues
  • Supplements Analysis & Medication Compatibility
  • Analyze Allergies
  • Chronic Pain Issue
  • Immune System Enhancement