Women’s Health

In today’s high stress world, women of all ages are facing a host of special health needs and challenges. Women’s issues include birth control, hormonal balance, physical health, sex drive and menopause. Currently there are few reliable sources of support and accurate information on women’s healthcare. The Women’s Health package provides a complete analysis, counseling and solutions for your hormonal balance, blood composition, biological activity and diet counseling.

Includes Vital Hematology, Comprehensive Hormone and Adrenal Analysis, Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging [full body!, Fundamental Endocrinology Blood Serum Analysis, Galvanic Skin Response [Health Conditions Analysis!, Hormone and Adrenal Consultation, MindSoul Harmonic Alliance, MindSoul Emotional Imprint Resolution [w/ COi, MindSoul Brain Technologies Assessment and two sessions, Nutritional Analysis with Functional Perspective and a consultation session with our Health Guide. This represents a state of the art approach to women’s health and wellness.