Weight Loss

There are many keys to long term, healthy and effective weight loss yet they are rarely addressed in many conventional diets, which usually result in long term failure or health problems. We look at your hormones, diet, biological factors such as bacteria and parasites, your body’s particular cellular make-up and digestive system issues to understand how best to design a program for you personally.

Includes Vital Hematology, Comprehensive Hormone and Adrenal Analysis, Functional Endocrinology with Blood Serum Analysis, Galvanic Skin Response Health Conditions Analysis, Hormone and Adrenal Consultation, Nutritional Analysis with Functional Perspective [includes 4 follow-up visits], MindSoul Emotional Imprint Resolution with CD and a consultation session with our Health Guide. This program is highly effective and proven system which addresses both your mind and body and can be a life-long solution to weight loss, while enhancing your immune system.