Transformation Package

The transformation package provides the most in depth analysis and opportunity for attaining vibrant wellness that exists today. This package takes 4 days to conduct at our facility, with detailed advance blood and hormone data collection, lab tests and analysis in preparation for your visit. We work with you based on the pre-visit analysis, extensive in clinic analysis and counseling over the four days to completely support your long term wellbeing in mind, body and spirit.

This package includes all the services of the Complete Wellness Package with seven additional sessions of MindSoul Brain Technologies to address cognitive and emotional issues which may be inhibiting optimum health and performance. A unique feature of the Transformation package is the leading edge Functional Immune System Serum Profile, which fully analyzes your body’s T1, T2, interleukin, and interferon to determine the strength and weakness of your immune system and how they are functioning. Two more special features are the complete Neurotransmitter Panel which analyzes the biochemical functioning of the brain and an A.MAS test which provides the greatest accuracy available today to determine if cancer exists anywhere within the body. From this data, our technologies, supplements and systems can then be applied to support or adjust current and potential imbalances in your system.

The Transformation package provides you with the most comprehensive information, tools and solutions to support you in enhancing and regaining optimum health available anywhere.