The Complete Wellness

Designed to completely analyze every aspect of the body and to enhance and support physical and emotional wellness. The Complete Wellness Package will provide you with a clear understanding of all your bodily systems, organs and processes and determine if there are any current or potential health challenges. It will also provide you with insight into your emotional self, a customized diet and nutritional information program tailored to your specific needs and an understanding of how to insure your long term wellness, happiness and vitality.

Includes Vital Hematology, Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (full body], Fundamental Endocrinology Blood Serum Analysis, Galvanic Skin Response [Health Conditions Analysis), Comprehensive Hormone and Adrenal Analysis, Hormone and Adrenal Consultation, MindSoul Harmonic Therapy, MindSoul Emotional Imprint Resolution [w/ CD], MindSoul Brain Technologies Assessment and two sessions, Nutritional Analysis with a Functional Perspective and a consultation session with our Health Guide. This package provides one of the most complete views into your body as is possible with technology today. The Complete Wellness Package takes two full days at our healthcare center.