Sports Performance

The Sports Performance Package provides you with the understanding and the tools to deal with the opportunities and challenges for optimal physical and mental performance and to boost your ability to excel in your athletic capabilities. A side benefit is the enhancement will permeate all aspects of your life.

Designed to enhance and improve your athletic performance, whether you are a recreational, amateur or professional athlete and to detect early warning signs of potential injury, along with reducing recovery time and enhancing immune system functions.

Includes Vital Hematology, Comprehensive Hormone and Adrenal Analysis, Functional Bio-Marker Analysis, Galvanic Skin Response [Health Conditions Analysis]. Hormone and Adrenal Consultation, MindSoul Emotional Imprint Resolution [w/ CD]. MindSoul Brain Technologies and Nutritional Analysis with Functional Perspective. This package includes 30 days online support for sports performance. A powerful, effective and dynamic system to support athletic function and increase long-term wellness.