Elite Sports Performance

This package is designed to support and enhance athletes already performing at a very high level. A complete assessment of your physical, mental and emotional body is undertaken to develop for you a customized program that will further raise your level of athletic performance. In addition to the solid assessment and aid that is supplied in the Sports Performance Package, the Elite Sports Performance Package provides more in-depth analysis and support to ensure long lasting improvements.

This includes extensive examination and integrated solutions into maximizing how your system utilizes nutrients, recuperates from physically and mentally induced stress and how your organs are functioning.

Includes all of the features for the Sports Performance Package along with a full body Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging session, MindSoul Brain Technologies [5 sessions), MindSoul EIR [2 sessions]. and MindSoul Harmonic Alliance to give understanding of how to be in “The Zone” on command and to allow emotional barriers to performance to be reduced or eliminated.