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Mark's life has been full of dramatic turning points that have taken him on a journey through many significant levels of accomplishment and has driven his research into health and well-being. It was a major health crisis back in 1987 that changed the path of Mark's life considerably and bound him for a life of research and innovation, putting the need of individuals to rebuild and regain their health at the forefront of his mission.

Turning a negative into a positive.

In 1987 Mark was hit by a car while walking across a street. It had run a red light at over 45 miles per hour. A study by shows us that you are more likely to die than survive at this speed, something that is standard on a US road. To say that he was lucky is an understatement. He received multiple internal injuries and broken bones but instead of treating this awful event as a negative Mark Hind's decided to turn his health crisis into a significant turning point in his life.

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Health Crisis To Health Triumph

At 22 years of age, Mark Hinds found himself suffering considerable amounts of pain following the aftermath of his automobile accident. Even though his injuries had begun to heal he still found himself in a great deal of discomfort. It was around the same time that a very good friend had begun to train for the Mr Universe bodybuilding contest. This Mark's interest. He researched nutrition and discovered how this could have a positive impact on someone's overall well-being as well as being a formidable fitness beneficiary. Another friend around the same time was diagnosed with terminal testicular cancer. This rocked Mark's world and led him to a fortuitous meeting with a group of ground breaking nutritional researchers.

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A Bright Future

This meeting led Mark to understand how diet may have a positive effect on all three situations. The successful healing of cancer. The improved physique for the body builder. His is own personal recovery from pain. This is when Mark Hinds decided to pursue an education in nutrition and the first steps on the journey that was to become Healthwalk.

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